Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

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Are you sabotaging yourself? It may be your friends, colleagues or family, someone is sabotaging your plans. It may be you! You have goals or list of things you need to do, but somehow something or someone stops you from achieving them. You tend to blame others for your failure, but it starts with you. We all make mistakes unless it is a habit! Do you sabotage your efforts or allow others to do so?


Americans are on perpetual diets! If they just figured out what seems to sabotage the constant effort to lose the weight, they might have permanent success. In contrast, there are many countries that have much healthier eating habits. Countries such as Japan, Singapore and Switzerland are a few of the healthiest countries based on life expectancy. It is diet, portion size, exercise, medical access and much more. Lack of time pushes us into convenience foods which contribute to unhealthy diets.

Wait a second, isn’t that an excuse?You can eat better, if you want to. You can use more raw or simple foods and it does not take much time. You can even find places that sell those kinds of foods. It may not be very frugal to buy prepared food, but it can be done. The next step is replacing the prepared food with simple healthy food. I take my lunch every day to work because I can eat healthier and less expensively. I lost thirty-five (35) to forty (40) pounds about thirty-six (36) years ago and kept it off. 

Negative habits

Some people over eat, drink or shop because of negative feelings. These are emotional responses to negative situations. They become habits that are counterproductive. How we react to pressure or stress can create negative feelings which result in habits that will sabotage whatever you are trying to accomplish. I often hear people say they will start dieting or changing something on a Monday. Why wait until Monday? It is a form of procrastination. Procrastination is a way of distracting you from your goal.

Negative habits do not stop with procrastination! Many of the habits you develop regarding diet and exercise are important for many other things. Life insurance companies know what shortens your life expectancy such as smoking, excessive alcohol use, eating habits ( BMI or weight/height), medical exam results (vital statistics, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc), drug usage and family history. If your statistics are bad, you pay more for your habits or genetics.

Your personal habits will influence your personal finances too! If you shop every time you have negative feelings, you will probably have excessive debt. Lack of self control or procrastination influences how you handle your physical, personal and emotional decisions. If you do not have self control, how will you control your spending? Will you make savings a priority? Short and long range goals will be impossible! Your behavior in the form of choices affects all of your decisions.

Your emotions and experience influence your health and personal finances. Memories of family dinners or dining out at good restaurants remind us of how pleasurable food can be. You probably remember how much fun it is to get gifts or buying some new clothes. These experiences and feelings influence our lives. It does not stop there!  Friends, family, neighbors, advertising and more influence how we spend our money.A friend want to go out for drinks, do you turn it down?


How you think about food, money, friends, family, work and exercise affects your health, personal finance and much more. How you take control of your life will determine your results. You can blame the credit card companies or bank for giving you too much credit or you can take charge of your finances. You can put off saving for retirement because you have student loans or make better choices that will allow you to save. You can blame our friends for going out too much or take charge of your life.

Final thoughts

Everybody sabotages themselves without knowing it. There were many times when I was on a diet, there were tempting things that would sabotage the diet. Sometimes I took it and often did not. My rule of thumb was one night will not damage me, but consecutive days of overeating will. This is true with money too! If you can control your splurges (less than $10) to one per month, it won’t stop you from your goal. You need to include those splurges in your budget though. Are you sabotaging yourself?

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