A Not So Funny Insurance Story

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Do you need insurance?  Nearly eleven (11) years ago, something happened! I was riding my bicycle on the street on a beautiful sunny southern California day. It was December, 2001, it was warm and I was on vacation. Every weekend, holiday and vacation, I ride my bicycle for exercise, a little alone time and to reduce stress in my life.  It is my aerobic exercise and I love it.  What happened next changed my life forever.

Someone opened their car door without looking and I tumbled over their car door. I broke my collarbone and things went down from there. The person who caused the accident was uninsured! There are a number of people in southern California who do not buy insurance. Their excuse is it too expensive. Pay as you drive insurance may be the solution. The good news is my insurance covered my accident. Having full coverage helped me in this bad situation. What should you do? I would check out full coverage auto quotes to protect you against uninsured motorists, personal liability, collision and comprehensive coverage.

The story didn’t end there. Here it is nearly eleven years later and I still have pain, if I sleep on that side. My insurance coverage for uninsured motorist was adequate for this accident, but I decided to increase my coverage. This incident was not serious, but it could have been much worse. This why you need insurance, particularly a full coverage policy.  Here is a scenario, I would prefer to avoid.  What if another car hit me when I was down in the street?  I could have sustained more injuries.  My medical insurance would cover my injuries, but not loss of time.

As everyone knows medical expenses are expensive and rehabilitation is also expensive.  Although my medical insurance would cover the lion’s share of the expenses, there is still be a deductible and other out of pocket costs.  You need insurance to protect you against a financial loss.  Do you need insurance?

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