6 Financial Apps to Help with Budgeting for 2014

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Keeping track of your finances is tough without help. Thanks to your smartphone, and its overflowing app store, your financial life-preserver is a tap away. Check out these 6 financial apps to help you with budgeting for 2014.

6. Level Money

The Level Money app links to your bank account to give you real-time displays of your daily and monthly spending limits. You can manage bill paying, income, and savings from a simple interface. Push notifications on your smartphone also alert you when your spending reaches its limits. Best of all? The app is free.

Major Banks Participating: Level has agreements with hundreds of banks across the country, but their list is far from complete. Check with the company directly here to see if your financial institution works with the app.

5. Budget Ease

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Budget Ease tracks daily spending just like other personal finance apps, but provides more benefits for the user in trend analysis. The app monitors your spending habits to find areas that you could trim to save money. The envelope system also helps you visualize where all your money goes each month, including breakdowns for utilities, groceries and gifts.

Save Your Receipts: upload your receipts to the Budget Ease app and cut the need to store paper documents in that shoebox on your bookshelf. You’ll thank your phone when tax season rolls around again.

4. Dollarbird

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For your inner stock broker, there’s the Dollarbird app. This Android accessory tracks your net worth over time, allowing to see rises and falls in your available cash and income. Noticing spend-heavy months of the year helps you save coin to better manage potential shortfalls.

No One Likes Overdraft Fees: Like other free finance apps, Dollarbird tracks spending with the goal of smoothing out your spending. You want consistency; not surprises. Always add every bill and expense into the app so it gives you the clearest picture.

3. Spendee

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If you want a simple app with a clean display, SpendeeĀ is the right choice. You can edit your spending categories and track billing by the day without the need to flip between multiple menus. The infographic option also allows you to see your spending in a single chart to target areas of budget bloat.

Dispensing Free Advice: Want analysis on how to save money? This app examines your spending habits, income, and expenses to give useful tips on how you might management your finances better.

2. Check

The app with the simple name has powerful budgeting tools for your bank account. Check gives you a simple display of your total bills versus your total available cash with built-in due date reminders. You can even pay your bills directly from the app’s interface, which eliminates the need to flip through multiple websites and add new payment information each time. Phone alerts warn you when your funds run low so you don’t over-spend by accident.

Award-Winning App: The folks at Check continue collect yearly accolades for their work, including 2014 Developer of the Year, from Google.

1. Home Budget with Sync

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Bringing all of your accounts, credit cards, and bills under one roof is possible with Home Budget. The app allows you to control everything from your Netflix account to your gas bill. Set up a bill reminder so you don’t miss your mortgage payment and view a high-level picture of your finances to get a true image of your family spending. The “sync” feature links the desktop version of the app with smartphones for every family member in the house.

There’s a Price: this app costs $5.99 on the Android Market, but consider it a small investment into your financial future. If it helps you avoid a late payment fee, then the tool has made up its cost by a wide margin.

Not all budgeting apps having the same features or cost money to download. Choose the right one that makes the most sense for your financial situation and bill-paying needs. Once you decide, stick with it, and keep your bank balance above water.

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