How would you like a Free College Education?

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How would you like a free education, several hundred dollars a month and a guaranteed job afterward!  Yes, there is a catch!  You must be a citizen, graduate from high school with a 2.5 GPA, achieve at least 920 on SAT test or 19 on ACT and be between the ages of 17 and 26.  If you meet those requirements you can receive a ROTC scholarship.  By accepting this scholarship you are obligated to spend four (4) years in one of the Armed Services.

The following example was taken from  An active duty officer’s compensation includes cash and non-cash compensation.  The non-cash compensation is healthcare, retirement pay, childcare and free or subsidized food, housing and education.

If you complete the program, you will be commissioned a in the appropriate service.  In order to make a realistic decision, you should find out what the position pays.

CivilianJobTelecommunications Engineer** Army JobSignal Corps Officer*
Salary $64,752.00 $47,908.00
Housing Allowance 13,092.00
Food Allowance 2,433.00
Special Pay 1,800.00
Tax Advantages 2,916.00
Healthcare (12,100.00) Included
Total $52,652.00 $68,149.00

ROTC provides excellent training in leadership as part of your college experience.  Successful completion of the program results in being commissioned as an officer in the appropriate service.  You can enter the Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard.  Most importantly, you received an excellent college education, completed one the best leadership programs and learned skills that can be applied to your career now and your life.  Not only did you complete your college education free of loan, you received an allowance and you embark on a well paying career.

*Sample based on a Lieutenant (O2) with 4 years service married with dependents. Figures do not include bonuses.

** Civilian salary based on national averages. Source: Salary Wizard® at

*** Housing Allowance rates based off Kansas City, Missouri rates.

**** Tax advantages are an often unseen and overlooked aspect of military pay. Most allowances are tax-exempt.

***** Health care costs based on a report by the National Coalition on Health Care. for a family of four.

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