2011 Weekly Update

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My 2011 New Year’s Resolutions revealed rather ambitious goals.  These goals motivate me to be more determined to achieve these goals.  I know it won’t be easy and I expect there will be difficulties, but I am determined to succeed.  Every Friday, I will share my progress so you can see how I am doing.

Top 100 Personal Finance BlogsI want to be part of the Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs.  I am using Open Site Explorer (OSE), which is a link popularity checker and backlink analysis tool.  You will notice the OSE figures did not change, I believe they change monthly.  In addition, I am using Alexa Ranking to check my progress.

Below are my figures compared to the WISEBREAD 100 personal financial blog (#100 OSE results) and krantcents figures as of Jan 1, 2011[..]:

OSE Analysis – As of 3/01, krantcents [1/1/2011] and (#100 Wisebread)

Page Authority – [25] 43 (62)

Domain Authority – [10] 34 (55)

Total Links – [6]20,835 (27,513)

External Followed Links – [0]11,528 (22,762)

Linking Root Domains – [5] 58 (194)

Alexa Ranking

Traffic Rank – [610,773] 144,752 (82,437)

Traffic Rank – US    [48,128] 25,499 (29,710)

Sites Linking – [2] 35 (249)

Increase workouts – Increase workouts from two (2) times a week to three (3) times a week.

I continue to ride my stationary (magnetic indoor trainer) bicycle twice (Tuesday/Thursday) during the week.  I am continuing reading which makes the exercising go by really fast.  If you are interested, I finished five (5) books already including The Bourne Objective by Robert Ludlum this week. This week, I started The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D

Be more patient – In the past, I used my impatience to drive myself to reach goals faster and better.

My journal revealed there are two kinds of situations where I become impatient.  One is when things move too slowly which causes frustration and impatience.  Taking action or usually resolves those feelings.  The other is unrealistic expectations of people or my students.  Taking a moment to breathe, understanding everyone does not move or learn at the same pace. This is still a work in progress for me to slow down and focus on the progress of my efforts.  This week I took two steps forward and one back.  In some areas, I felt I was in control  and others not.  I guess it is still a work in progress.  Each week I will share my progress and what I learn from my journal.

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