2011 Nine Months Goals Update

by Krantcents · 22 comments

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This is my 2011 Nine Months goals update, since I made my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions.  I changed my schedule for reporting  my progress to quarterly on or about every three months.

My 2011 New Year’s Resolutions revealed rather ambitious goals.  These goals motivate me to be more determined to achieve these goals.  I know it won’t be easy and I expect there will be difficulties, but I am determined to succeed.  At the end of each quarter, I will share my progress so you can see how I am doing.

Top 100 Personal Finance BlogsI want to be part of the WISEBREAD Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs.  I am using Open Site Explorer (OSE), which is a link popularity checker and backlink analysis tool.  The OSE figures only changes monthly.  In addition, I am using Alexa Ranking to check my progress.

Although I made significant progress, I need to make more to achieve my goal by the end of the year.

Below are my figures compared to the WISEBREAD Top 100 Personal Financial Blogs (#100 OSE results) and krantcents figures as of Jan 1, 2011[..]:

OSE Analysis – As of 10/1, krantcents [1/1/2011] and (#100 Wisebread)

Page Authority – [25] 49 (43)

Domain Authority – [10] 41 (49)

Total Links – [6] 7,221 (11.483)

External Followed Links – [0]  3,602 (5,337)

Linking Root Domains – [5] 220 (175)

Alexa Ranking

Traffic Rank – [610,773] 82,424 (65,382)

Traffic Rank – US    [48,128] 17,256 (14,595)

Sites Linking – [2] 203 (242)

Increase workouts – Increase workouts from two (2) times a week to three (3) times a week.

This summer, I stepped up my aerobic and anaerobic training schedule to six (6) times a week    I rode my bicycle for ninety (90) minutes each day and weight training each day as well.  When I started my new teaching assignment in September, I changed my activities.  Five hours a day, I do not sit down!  Either I am constantly moving in class or walking all over campus.  I am losing inches without additional effort.  I continue my weight training and stretching to maintain muscle and flexibility.  5 hours of movement seems to trump nearly two hours of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.  Go figure!  Cycling 90 minutes burns approximately 700-750 calories.

Be more patient – In the past, I used my impatience to drive myself to reach goals faster and better.

This was just supposed to be self improvement, instead this is a necessary skill for teaching in middle school.  I am glad I accomplished this goal before I started my new teaching assignment.  I am tested every day because I must repeat my instructions numerous times.  My own children were far more responsible.  This is still a work in progress, however I am much more patient than before.

New Year’s Resolutions are goals!  My plan is to monitor my progress toward achieving my goals and adjusting my efforts to reach objectives that keep me on track to accomplish my goals.  My 2011 Nine Months Goals are either on track or I need to step up my effort!  I am used to accomplishing my goals, so you will probably see more of me in the last quarter!  I came a long way to accomplish my 2011 nine months goals, but there is more to go!  There you have it, my 2011 nine months goals update!


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