20 Interview Questions to Ask Employers

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Here are 20 interview questions to ask employers Interviews are scary!  What kind of impression are you making?  Having questions prepared tells the employer you are interested!  Why not, your goal is to be invited back.  Interviews are to find out about you and for you to find out about the company.  Your questions tell the interviewer a lot about you.

Where do you start?  Some of your questions may be answered in the course of the interview.  Don’t ask questions that were answered on the company website, magazine or newspaper articles.  You can ask for further clarification or more information.  Last, do not ask about salary and benefits.  Generally the employer will talk about that, it provides the employer an opportunity to ask you your requirements.  This is a question you should avoid!

What kind of questions should you ask?  Just like the questions the employer would ask you, they should be open-ended.  Open-ended questions cannot be answered yes or no.  How many questions should you ask?  There is no set number, but find out what you want to know.

20 Questions:

What are the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in this position?

Training and professional development is important to me.  What is the company policy on seminars, workshops, and training for employees to maintain and improve their skills?

What is your organization’s policy on openings or promotions?

Since this a career position, what can I expect from you to prepare me for my next position?

What criteria will I be evaluated on for my performance review?

May I have a copy of the job description for this position?

How does this organization fit into the long range plan?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the organization or company?

What do you like best about working at this company?

Is this a new position or am I replacing someone?

May I talk to with the last person who held this position?

What are the department goals for next year?

How would you describe your management style?

Why are you looking at external candidates for this position, instead of promoting from within?

Do you have plans for expansion?

Why did you choose this company?

What is the company’s culture?

How do you measure success?

What does it take to be successful in this company?

Can I talk to one of my peers?

Bonus: When will a decision be made on the successful candidate?

Wrap Up

Remember this is not a complete list.  There is no way that I can come up with every possible question you may have for a perspective employer.  These questions are a good start to help you think of other questions.  What do you want to know?  What would make you say yes to an offer?  Don’t say a good offer because you may hate your job!  Part of your research after the interview is to find out their reputation in your industry.  Some companies will work you to death others will reward your hard work.

I worked for a hi-tech company in the 70s where I learned skills that have helped me throughout my career and personal life.  The environment and culture was competitive, you had to bring your “A” game.  It would be similar to making presentations to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs every day.  If you were unprepared, you would be out.  Would you flourish in this environment or fail?  What kind of company do you want to work for?  Thinking about your career choice is important, you may want to check out an article I wrote called “How do you choose the Right Career?” Good questions leave a good impression!  Here are 20 interview questions to ask employers.

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