15 Coolest Jobs on the Planet

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What are the 15 coolest jobs on the planet? Recently, I read an article called “Jon Favreau has the world’s best job”.  Jon Favreau is President Obama’s guy, a low profile speech writer, unofficial mascot of the Obama phenomenon and mind reader.  Politics aside, presidential speech writers are considered one of the coolest jobs!  Scouring the planet or at least the internet, I tried to identify the 15 coolest jobs on the planet!

Before I started accumulating the coolest jobs, I thought a Playboy photographer, boat salesman or writer were some of the coolest jobs.  Playboy photographer seemed cool for the obvious reasons.  Taking pictures to make beautiful women even more beautiful just doesn’t seem like work.  Boat salesman was cool because you are selling a leisure activity and typically you take the customer out on the boat for a cool spin just seems like too much fun!  Writer is cool because you are paid to do something you love anywhere in the world.  Recently, I wrote called “I Want a Job” which describes a new way of networking.  You will have to extend your network to find these jobs.  Forget Facebook or Twitter, here are the coolest jobs on the planet!

Whiskey Maker – Yes, there is such a job! People following their passion only need apply.  The title is Master Distiller who is responsible for the final product and how much to produce.  He is responsible to determine how much they will sell 10-20 years from now.

Brew Master – Whether you work for the large breweries or a micro pub, this can be a cool job.  You get to travel around to beer festivals and pubs doing market research.  Many would drink up the profits, but you won’t last long doing that.  A Brew Master is responsible for the quality and taste of the beer using a or tweaking the recipe

Pyrotechnician – At this time of year, who wouldn’t enjoy setting off fireworks?  You get to travel around the world and set off fireworks and mesmerize crowds of people.  Entertainment is a large part of this job and there are not a lot of people who call themselves a pyrotechnician.

Videogame Tester – For all you gamers who dream of being paid to do what you love to do, this is it!  You test video games for the company from a consumer standpoint.  It doesn’t pay that well, but you are having fun.

Fake Executive – If you look all American, this may be for you.  All you need is a suit!  You go to events in China to give the appearance of connecting with the western world.  The fake executive may be asked to give speeches, pose for pictures with other executives or just attend events.

Director of Golf – For the golfer in many people this could be a dream job!  Director of Golf works for a hotel chain and play their golf courses.  You will be with journalists, famous golfers or sponsors.  It helps if you were a professional golfer.

Water Slide Tester – Imagine traveling to water slides all over the world just to test the slide!  There is a little more to this water slide tester than you think, you check the height, speed, water quantity and landing of the flumes.  All in the name of safety and a whole lot of fun!

Chocolate Taster – Tasting chocolate all day may just make your job routine!  It could even turn you off to chocolate.  Worst, you might gain weight!  A chocolate taster monitors the taste and makes sure it meets the quality of the recipe.

TV Corpse – Can you lay perfectly still and expressionless?  Would you like to do absolutely nothing?  This is your job!  Can you imagine doing nothing and paid $200 per day?  Not a bad gig!  A  TV corpse is no easy job!

Luxury Bed Tester – Can you imagine laying on mattresses/beds that cost from $8,000 to $43,000?  A luxury bed tester sleeps or lays on them and providing feedback to the companies critiquing their mattresses.  How hard could that be?

Travel Blogger – Can you imagine traveling and reporting on your experiences using a blog?  Well that is the job!  Various tourism offices from different countries would hire a travel blogger to share their travel experiences.

Cyclist in Paris – If you love cycling, what could be better than this?  Google hired 2 cyclists in 2009, to travel through Paris with fancy high tech equipment to film neighborhoods for Google Maps.  I missed my chance!

Caretaker of Paradise IslandCaretaker and unofficial ambassador of a tropical Australian island.  This may be too good to be true!  You get to live on a tropical island and get paid.  Where do I sign up?

Race Car Engineer – Who doesn’t dream of being a race car driver?  As the engineer, you would travel the world. Your responsibility is simple, ensure the car and driver work as a unit.  Is your adrenaline pumping?

Astronaut – Who doesn’t want to be an astronaut?  This may be the coolest job in technology, but where else can you fly to another planet?  It helps if you are a scientist or a pilot.  Is this for the thrill jockey in all of us?  I think I will pass!  I am neither a pilot nor a scientist!  The last space shuttle just left the planet and the astronaut corps just shrunk by 50% .  You may have to consider something else!

I tried to find the 15 coolest jobs on the planet.  I will leave it up you whether I succeeded or not!  Some of you may disagree and others may want to add your own ideas.  Feel free to use social media to let others know of the coolest jobs on the planet too.  You are perfectly welcome to leave interesting comments that equal the 15 coolest jobs on the planet.

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